Monday, March 15, 2010

Life changes...

So we found out last week we sold our home and although we are really excited we are a little scared as we have to be out in couple of weeks. Did I mention Chuck is gone for those two week with the guards...Kids have been GREAT help so far. i'm just thrilled our house has sold, but scared about next couple of weeks.

Also last week, our town received bad news when a star high school football player died in a car crash in his first year attending college. Your can read about it here
School has been cancelled tomorrow so everyone can attend the funeral. His father is Brooke's science teacher. So please be thinking and praying for this family tomorrow. Life is precious.

My boss informed me that her son's ex girlfriend is missing since last Tuesday as well. They have found her vehicle in parking lot but no sign of her yet. She is beautiful and you can read more here

Lots going on last week....hoping this week brings better news....

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