Saturday, March 20, 2010

i often have more time on weekend mornings to cook something hot for our breakfast...

we had french toast with blackberries with little powder sugar on top(for energy) this Saturday am.

having to be at work by 7am monday -friday the kids are neglected with a warm breakfast far to often...usually they grab anything in sight as they head out the door to school, like pop tarts, cereal bars, bagels whatever we might have hanging around. that is why on Saturdays i try and get my butt out of bed and make them something fresh and warm for breakfast. and they know this now, so when my feet hit the floor and they hear this they immediately say "mom, i'm these day are so demanding....

have you tried orange sweet rolls by pillsbury in the tube
they are delicious!
some weekdays if they are lucky i get up early to make these
before running out the door to work...
it makes them happy and me almost late.

here is orange sweet rolls made fresh out of the oven

kids have good sniffers too. so if you have one(a kid) that has trouble getting out of
bed for school,
when these come out it's like they smell their way up fast.

Happy Weekend
i'm going to spend mine packing some more:(

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