Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Brooke travels to Virginia

Brooke was able to go to Virginia this past week to see her husband. Since the wedding in Oct. they have seen each other three times. (You know how military life goes) Anyway he is a Marine and will soon be done in Virginia and then Brooke and him will move together wherever his next assignment takes them. I must say it's hard to let your baby girl travel the world alone to meet up with her husband. But she loves it. This mom is stressing though. I'm sure she's over annoyed when I constantly text her to let us know when her flights leave, land, etc.


Huskerbabe said...

Oh, I love this picture! She looks so happy. :)
I know it's hard to let go but it's the of life.

The Roberts said...

Thank you. I love it as well. I know I'm excited for her to spread her wings!