Saturday, December 17, 2016

Memories from a photo ten years ago.....

I came across this picture today when I was going through things.
(I'm starting to go through things getting ready for my sons high school graduation in May)
This picture feels like it was just yesterday. It was when my husband was in Iraq for 15 months and the kids and I where tackling life back home.
This night we were invited over to one of my friends house for dinner. We laughed ALOT!
We played a lot. One of the things Brady loved when his dad was gone is when I dropped everything and said "hey buddy, you want to go catch a football" His eyes would get big and he'd say with an excited voice "let me go get my football, mom" We'd spend hours in the yard making touchdown passes (of course cause I have a pretty good arm :) ) Brooke would join in too trying to catch and stop her brother. We'd even do the famous touchdown dance.
It's so funny how a picture takes you back to those days and what was going on in life. This was a fun time even though we were going through some stressful situations.

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