Sunday, November 10, 2013

Football and homecoming 2013

Homecoming 2013 turned out to be great. Brooke was asked to attend homecoming with a gentleman from out of town and something came up and he was unable to attend. I was a little frustrated about this but it did not get my baby girl down. She went and wore the most beautiful smile. Which is proof you don't need some boy to make you happy. These girls this age think they always need to be tied up with a boyfriend (trust me I have been there and looking back now I realized it was a waste of time. It made me miss a lot at that age and be caught up in things that really did not matter. Don't get me wrong some of the boys I dated were good people but it kept me to involved in them. Way to serious at such a young age.) I'm hoping my daughter who is at the rebellious stage listens to me loud and clear about needing a boy to make her happy. This night was a success in proving that. But some nights way daughter has tears in her eyes over it and it's devastating for me as a mom to see. 


Brooke and Brady after one of Hershey's football games.
She cheers and he plays.
(Brooke's junior year and his freshman year)

After one of the out of town games we stopped for a bite to eat. Austin, who is Brooke and Brady's cousin was able to watch this game as it was close to his home town. Here is the three of them after eating that night, and being a little goofy.

Brooke in her cheer uniform and Brady in his uniform after one of the hometown games this year. Did I mention the boys ending the year 9 and 1 which was a recorded beating year for Hershey football. Very proud of all the boys.
Brooke and Brady after homecoming in Denver.

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