Monday, December 3, 2012

a birthday, a broncos game, and two bored teens....

this guy turned 14 years of age on Sunday.
yes that's right my baby is growing fast.
for his birthday he rec'd club seats at the broncos game, for him and his dad!
(his dad's birthday is in a week)
if you ever are going to get your face painted and they ask what you'd like, you better come up with something to say or you get whatever they give you. kind of like what brady has on his face here.
fully,(i mean fully) covered.
but he had fun with it.

on the way to the game they happened to pass Joe's Crab Shack.
so they stopped in there for his birthday lunch.
i'm not going to lie, our family loves seafood!
while the hubby was busy with birthday boy at the game
i was stuck entertaining these two....

what better way to entertain two teens than with food, right?
food, mall and then more food.
(have you ever ate at wich wich if you haven' should.
it's kind of like a subway only better.
 and you mark your lunch bag the way you'd like your sandwich made.)
we continued to shop and shop and shop until....
we found chocolate!
i'm not going to lie...we love chocolate!
especially, when it's covering cheesecake...ON. A. STICK.

just ask brooke and her cousin alex...
these don't look like bored faces anymore.

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