Sunday, September 23, 2012

bleacher bums~

seriously it feels like every time i come back to blog a little about life it has something to do with how busy we are. but seriously WE ARE! i know how busy your lives are too. it seems to never slow down, right? something every single night! this weekend was no different. we had a hershey invite for the girls JV volleyball team and they rec'd first place.  we were there yesterday from 11 am to 5:30 last night. i realize someday my babies will be gone and life will slow down a little, but for now i guess i'll keep my running shoes close by.

friday night we had a home game for the high school football team.
they won!
here is a picture of brooke cheering at that game.
(well not really cheering right now)
but they did great when they were.

the middle school had a game too and sadly lost in overtime.
my boy #88 getting ready to play. of course he had to look for his mom in the crowd first.
i heard someone make the comment that #88 looks like he's in college. made me smile.
even though only 13 he sure is a big boy. 
so that is the last couple of nights. lets just say our butts are tired. whoever created bleacher seats is a genius!
pictures were from our phones so not so swell.

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