Thursday, January 7, 2010

Who goes first???

YOU go. No, you first. Sorry, I thought you meant me? No, not you? Me?
Am I the only one who things during drivers education we need to focus on the rules at a 4-way stop more?? Yesterday after work I was headed up to a 4-way stop and there was a car already stopped there and a handy bus....then ME being the LAST to pull up to the stop sign. So I proceed to stop (like any good driver would) and both the lady in the car and the handy bus driver were waving there hands for each one to go. I thought to myself this looks fun, but I don't have time to play I went. I was the LAST one out of the 3 of us to stop and the FIRST to go. Meanwhile I was half way down the block and noticed in my rear-view mirror that they still apparently wanted to play the "YOU go, no YOU" game. Because both of them were still sitting there??????
It would be OK if it only happened once in awhile, but I happen to notice this a lot. I'm not sure but I think the one who stops FIRST has the right away???
Sometimes you get one that will be stopped and you're waiting to go and they wave you to go, so you start to go and then they start to go to???
Have to love the little things that annoy us....(I mean me.)

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