Thursday, December 3, 2009

Alphabet Ornaments

The Glory Players Drama Ministry in Ogallala, NE will be presenting Rescued. Rescued is a drama written to glorify God and give us the assurance that God truly will rescue us from anything in life.
My new alphabet ornaments came in today from Ballard Designs, and I LOVE THEM! I love black and white and lately have been into zebra prints and other neat shades. Found some cool wrapping paper that's white with red polka dots that I've already wrapped around some of my gifts. We still have two kids on our tree yet to buy for and when the kids and I get a free moment to head to the stores again I will let them pick out gifts for kids less fortunate. We've been so busy this week practicing for the performance of "Rescued" at our church that it's been hard to find the time for anything else, but it is so worth it. If you are able to attend one of the 3 performances.....I hope you enjoy and are reminded of the real reason for the season.